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The History of Eat Gift Love is headed up by me, Christina Young, an avid baker who won first place in a national recipe contest sponsored by Land O’Lakes butter. I won $3500 and a kitchen makeover, and my prize-winning cake recipe, The Berry Berry Buttery Lemon Poundcake, was featured in O Magazine. My mother enshrined that issue of the magazine.

My glory lives on as family and friends continue to refer to me as the “Butter Queen” and insist I make cakes and cookies for special occasions. Luckily for them I believe every day is a special occasion.

The website,, was founded years later when my mother requested a fruitcake for Christmas. A fruitcake? We’ve all heard the jokes that malign this dessert. I had to get this right because this was for my mom, and she is as particular about quality food as I am. 

I headed online and began a search. Admittedly, I got a little obsessive and spent hours finding and comparing the different fruitcakes available online. Why, I wondered, wasn’t there one place people could go to consider the best options in different food categories? There had to be other people who were just as invested in finding the best gourmet food gifts in one place. My mother agreed and encouraged me to do just that. It was a brilliant idea. It’s true: Moms do know best.

So that’s why you’re here. My mom wanted a fruitcake. And the rest of the story is delicious.

By the way, the fruitcake I bought my mom that year was from Beatrice Bakery in Nebraska. It’s listed on our list of best fruitcakes. She loved it!

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