Peanut Butter Sampler

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We all know someone who is nutty for peanut butter. Wouldn’t it be great to send not just one jar but six? YUM!

Uncommon Goods carries B. Happy Peanut Butter, made in small batches by a family-run peanut butter business launched in Zionsville, Indiana.

Mail order peanut butter gifts

B. Happy Peanut Butter is available at Uncommon Goods

If you know someone who liberally spreads peanut butter on everything, or just eats it from the jar, imagine how happy they’ll be for being treated to flavors that cravings are made of. The Peanut Butter Sampler includes 6 oz jars of:

Happy Trails Mix: Flaxseed, chocolate chips, raisins, split peanuts

White Chocolate Pretzel: Pretzel pieces, white chocolate chips

Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle popcorn

Chocolate Toffee: Milk chocolate, bits of toffee, rice crispies

Keep Smunchy: Honey roasted peanuts

Chocolate Coconut: Dark chocolate, shredded coconut, almonds

Measurements 2.75″ diameter x 2.5″ H; 6 oz. capacity. Refrigeration not required

Bear in mind, these peanut butters are on the sweet side–so they are not for your Paleo-eating friends who avoid sugar. If you’re shopping for them, check out the organic and raw nut selection at

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Pricing: $40 for a sampler of 6 jars

Shipping: Economy shipping begins at $7.95

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Loveless Cafe

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The Loveless Cafe had its modest launch in 1951 when Lon and Annie Loveless began serving fried chicken and biscuits from the front door of their home to travelers who passed by on US Highway 100 in Nashville, Tennessee. In time the tiny home became a planned stop for those traveling through Nashville. As demand grew, Lon Loveless built and ran 14 motel rooms on the property and launched the Loveless Motel and Cafe.

Mail order food gifts of southern food

Loveless Cafe Biscuits and Ham from $28

Christmas food gifts

Loveless Cafe Holiday Breakfast Gift

The Loveless Cafe has changed hands over the years, and the Loveless Motel Rooms are no longer in use, but thankfully, Annie Loveless’ biscuit recipe never changed with the ownership, enabling the Loveless Motel and Cafe to maintain its position as a true Tennessee tradition.

Even today The Loveless Cafe remains true to its authentic southern comfort food, and that southern comfort can now be be delivered to your door. Loveless breakfast baskets are on our personal list to send as a gift at Christmas, Easter, house warmings, and baby welcomings. Yeah, we’re cool like that.

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Pricing: Biscuit mix starts at $7, but you can send Ham ‘n’ Biscuits for $28, or full southern breakfasts for $60+

Shipping: Shipping starts at $12 FedEx ground

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

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Tastes of Chicago

Mail Order Pizza From Chicago

Maxwell’s Polish Sausage Kit & Two Deep Dish Pizzas

Deep dish pizza, Chicago “dogs,” Polish sausage, Garretts popcorn—if it’s famous in Chicago, you can order it at Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago. You can shop by Chicago brands, by food categories, or by celebration.

We can assure you if it’s a Chicago deep dish pizza you’re craving, you’re not ordering just any deep dish pizza. Malnati’s deep dish pizza was featured on Bobby’ Flay’s Throw Down, and, while Bobby made a valiant culinary effort, Malnati’s won.

Whether you want to quench your own craving, or send a taste of Chicago to a Chicagoan far from home, Tastes of Chicago has got you covered.

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Pricing: Plan on at least $50+ (but the pricing includes standard shipping!)

Shipping: Included

Gift Cards: Yes

Corporate Gifts: Yes

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Callie’s Charleston Biscuits

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Online mail order southern ham biscuits

Callie’s Charleston Buttermilk Biscuits with Ham. Yes, please.

Southern buttermilk biscuits, ham biscuits, cheese & chive biscuits. A delivery of two dozen biscuits from Callie’s is as if a southern grandmother sent you a care package.

If you grew up in the south, you’ll understand how a good buttermilk biscuit can have a life-long hold on you. Buttery, flaky, and tender, Callie’s biscuits are almost everything you’d want a biscuit to be. Reading Callie’s ingredient list revealed a special ingredient: cream cheese.

Now, sure, if you want to make biscuits yourself Callie provided her wonderful recipe to the Washington Post: Callie’s Biscuit Recipe.

Here’s a tip. Not any flour will do. When Callie’s recipe calls for White Lily brand self-rising flour, well, good luck in finding that north of the Mason-Dixon line. For you biscuit lovers reading this, I know from first-hand experience that Kentucky biscuit makers favor Martha White’s brand self-rising flour.

But for those who want a tender biscuit without the work, Callie’s has you covered! You can order two dozen classic buttermilk biscuits or maybe their ham biscuits, which use finely chopped artisanal Virginia Country Ham, Dijon mustard butter and their signature cheese and chive biscuit.

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Pricing: $40 for 2 dozen biscuits (serves 8 – 10 people), $45 for 2 dozen ham biscuits

Shipping: Ships with a reusable cooler and a gel ice pack, so 2-day shipping is pricey. $20 from NC to NY.

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Let’s Go

Fresh Walnuts from

Organic, Raw, Shelled Walnuts from

How do you like your nuts? Fresh, of course. We mean after that. Do you want them in the shell, shelled, roasted, boiled, raw, organic, salted, unsalted, mixed, spiced, candied, chocolate enrobed? We could go on… has just about any type of nut you can think of and so much more! Nut flours, nut butters, dried fruits, and an extensive selection of candies. But what’s really helpful is they let you completely customize a tray of nuts and other goodies like dried fruit (organic options too), and candies, so you can really tailor your gift to individual tastes. That’s genius!

For those looking for party favors or themed gifts, they list their candy options by color.

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Pricing: It all depends on what you choose but in general expect $10 a pound (give or take) for nuts. Some candies begin as low as $4 a pound. For dried fruit, again, it depends on your selection. Expect $8 per pound (again, give or take).

Shipping: USPS, UPS and FedEx Ground Shipping options keep shipping costs reasonable

Location: New Jersey

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Hot Damn Tamales

Online mail order Tex-Mex Tamales

Beef, Beer & Jalepeno Tamales

Online mail order Tex-Mex seafood tamale

Shrimp Tamales from Hot Damn Tamales

If you’re from Texas or New Mexico and have been out of either of those states for any time, admit it, you are craving a tamale. Hot Damn Tamales is way ahead of you and is on standby to quash that craving. They have 15 freshly made gourmet flavors at the ready like Cheese, Cowboy BBQ Brisket, Beef Beer and Jalapeno, Ancho Pork Tamales and some dessert flavors too. Texas Monthly and Martha Stewart-approved, order up a few dozen, invite in some friends and enjoy the taste of home. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Pricing: Average price of $14 per half a dozen.

Shipping: Flat rate shipping of $9.95 for 10 nearby states, this is a bargain. But if you are out of 1 day UPS Ground shipping range, shipping prices get steep. But hey, a craving is a craving.

Location: Fort Worth, Texas

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Shop the Best Selection of Bagels Online

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Let’s start with full disclosure: most of our reviewers live or have lived in New York. We are a contentious, opinionated group that can all agree on one thing: we love bagels, bread-y, chewy, authentic bagels.

So when we discovered that Goldbelly has quietly curated and collected some of the best New York and New Jersey bagel makers on their site, we were pretty excited. You want sesame bagels, poppy seed bagels, everything bagels, cinnamon bagels, kosher bagels, plain bagels? They’ve got that and more, as in cream cheese spread, smoked salmon and lox.

Pricey? Yes, compared to stopping into your favorite bagel shop for a dozen, but it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a trip to New York. Typically shipping is included so that helps. When the occasion or the craving calls for it, don’t “make do” with “wanna-be” bagels. Order authentic New York bagels, and know it’s worth it!

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Pricing: Starts at $50 per dozen with Free Shipping.

Let’s Shop Bagels! Huge selection and variety of bagels available online via Goldbelly.

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Sabatino Tartufi Truffles

Sabatino Tartufi Fresh and Frozen Truffles and Truffle Oils

Sabatino Tartufi Fresh and Frozen Truffles and Truffle Oils


When a truffle sells for $100+ an ounce it’s probably on the wish list of someone who knows it’s a luxury ingredient to be enjoyed, not stored away for use “someday.”

For those who want the luxury and taste of truffles but not the responsibility of the truffle itself, Sabatino Tartufi also offers wonderful truffle oils and truffle infused sea salt that impart that earthy taste without breaking the budget.

White Truffle Infused Olive Oil from Sabatini Tartufi

White Truffle Infused Olive Oil from Sabatini Tartufi

The family-owned Sabatino Tartufi business has been collecting truffles since 1911 and is now the premier source for truffle products in the United States. They use a rigorous selection process to choose the best quality and safety of their truffle offerings. For over one hundred years, they have been selling products direct from Italy’s fields to your table.

One look at Sabatino’s website offerings show they take truffles very seriously. If you’ve got a serious truffle hound on your gift list, you’ve found the right place to shop.

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Pricing: Premium truffle oils start at $30. If you’re going to send truffles themselves, they start at 80+, and we do mean plus.

Gift Cards: Yes

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Lobels of New York

Lobels mail order Wagyu BeefLobel’s butcher shop is an institution in New York City, and serves a devoted clientele of well-heeled upper East siders, and other deep-pocketed meat-loving folks in the know. There’s a good reason they have fans: Lobel’s offers dry-aged USDA high-prime and Wagyu beef, all-natural veal, lamb, and poultry, Kurobuta pork, heritage meats, and specialty products.

To ensure optimum flavor and freshness, each order is hand-cut, individually vacuum-sealed, securely packed, and delivered overnight—fresh from Lobels to your door.

Lobels offers USDA prime beef, which accounts for less than 2% of all beef. But within the prime beef category, Lobels takes only the finest cuts, paying up to a 10% premium to get the best. They then dry age the beef for four to six weeks, a process that can mean the difference between a good and a great tasting piece of meat. Steaks, filets and roasts from Lobel’s are unlike any others on the market, which prompted a Wall Street Journal writer to note of a Lobel’s steak, “It was so perfect—in looks, taste, and texture—that we were tempted to eat it raw. The buttery flavor was beyond comparison.”

Pricey? You betcha. But it’s a gift the giver will know is the best of the best.

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Gift Presentation: They offer “Black Tie” gift boxes so your gift will arrive in style

Pricing: Expect to spend $200+

Corporate Gifts: Yes

Gift Cards: Yes

Locations: New York City

Take me there! or 212-737-1372 or Toll-free: 1-800-556-2357

World Spice Merchants

World Spice Merchant Smoke Out Smokey Spice Blend

World Spice Merchant Smoke Out Smokey Spice Blend

World Spice Merchants, located in Washington state adjacent to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, has a wide selection of spices and herbs from all over the world. The product photos are terrific–so much so that you may imagine you can actually smell the spices.

Sourced in whole form whenever possible, they grind their spices only after your order is placed within 24 hours of shipment. The only way to get more flavor is to grind them at home.

Though you can choose your salt, herbs or spices individually, the website also features terrific gift spice selections that will take the guess-work out of what to send–BBQ Regional Rubs, Curry Classics, Global Pepper Packs, Sea Salt Sampler–just to name a few.

If you are craving the authentic taste of international fare, you can also choose gift sets from 11 different geographic regions including Africa, India, Carribean, The Middle East and Europe.

You can order spices in a range of sizes in either bags or airtight glass jars so you can order just the right amount.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Prices: Depending on the spice prices start under $5 for 2oz, but plan around $30+ for a nice gift selection.

Gift Cards: Yes

Locations: Seattle, Washington

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