Best Christmas Cookie Gifts Delivered – Cookie Gift Boxes Shipped Nationwide!

Best Christmas Cookie Gifts 2021!

Wish someone a Merry Christmas with Christmas cookie gifts, cookie gift boxes and baskets sent from the best bakeries in the country! These cookie gifts ship nationwide and are ideal holiday gifts for family, friends, neighbors, hostess gifts, and favorite clients and colleagues.

We’ve vetted every cookie: Delicious? Check! Gift-worthy? Absolutely! And if you’re smart, you’ll send a yummy box of cookies to  yourself to help celebrate the holiday season. Let’s shop for Christmas cookies!

Best Christmas Cookie Gifts & Gift Boxes 2021!

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Dominique Ansel Bakery, New York, New York

Christmas cookie gifts from Ansel Bakery, New York

Dominique Ansel’s Cookie Gift Combo Box. Rich and Impressive!

These may be the most under-the-radar famous cookies out there. Remember when New Yorkers were lining up for blocks to buy the Cronut—the donut made of croissant dough that made the whole world lose its mind? Dominique Ansel was the mastermind pastry chef who created that treat. So can you imagine how good his cookies are? We tried them and they are everything you would expect from Chef Ansel: rich, dense, irresistible.

For Christmas gifts we are featuring Ansel’s combo box: 5 Double Chocolate Pecan Cookies which are like a gooey chocolate brownie in the center with perfectly crisp edges, studded with toasted pecans throughout. Made with almond flour, they happen to be gluten-free too!  Add to that 5 Chocolate Chunk Cookies made with milk and dark chocolate chunks and baked until golden with a soft gooey center.

These are hefty 4 ounce cookies, made for true cookie lovers worldwide.

Salty Sweet Bakery, San Francisco, California

Christmas cookie gifts from Salty Sweet Bakery

Holiday Cookie Gifts for Every Craving!

Salty Sweet’s line of cookies have been readers’ favorites for years! Baked to a part crispy—mostly chewy perfection, their cookies are a more sophisticated version of the cookie classics. Consider the Greatest Hits Gift Box, or our favorite, the Caramel Lovers’ Gift Box. These are the cookies you send to your best friend, your best client, and yes— by all means yourself, and get raves every time!

Milk Bar Bakery, New York, New York

Peppermint Snap Christmas Cookie Gifts
Holiday Cookie gifts

Milk Bar’s famous Peppermint Pretzel Caramel Chocolate Snap cookie

You know the holidays are near when Milk Bar releases their Peppermint Pretzel Snap cookies.  Baker Christina Tossi is famous for her “mash ups” of flavors, and this Christmas time cookie is no exception. Pretzels, peppermint, caramel, and chocolate combine atop a crisp dark chocolate wafer before the whole thing gets dipped in silky white chocolate peppermint bark. Snap! It’s the cookie that holiday cravings are made for.

Carlo’s Bakery, Hoboken, New Jersey

Christmas Butter Cookies order onlne
Christmas Butter Cookies and pastries for delivery

Order Italian Christmas Butter Cookies from Carlo’s Bakery

It’s not really an Italian Christmas until the butter cookies are served! Carlo’s Bakery serves up the classic favorites. You may know Carlo and his team from the TLC’s hit series, “Cake Boss,” and their work has been featured in more publications and spin-off series than we could list. From tasty apricot cookies to Nutella to the festive sprinkles, these melt in your mouth cookies are great for all occasions.

Red Velvet Bakery, New York, New York

Christmas Tree Cookie Kit
Christmas Tree Cookie Kit

Enjoy some creative family time with this Christmas Tree Cookie Kit

How about a DIY Sugar Cookie Baking Tree Kit from Red Velvet Bakery. You’ll bake 32 star-shaped cookies with the help of a 6-set nesting set that’s included in this kit. Once you’ve baked 6 different shaped sugar cookies, you’ll make homemade icing, and stack the holiday cookies in the shape of a tree. You’ll even get to decorate the cookie Christmas tree with red sanding sugar and silver sugar pearls. This is the perfect holiday activity for family and friend get-togethers, and you end up with an edible holiday centerpiece.

Sweet Girl Bakery, Charlotte, NC

Peppermint Christmas Cookie Gifts
Christmas Cookie Gift Box from Sweet Girl Cookie Bakery

Christmas Cookie Gift Box from Sweet Girl Bakery

A family cookie recipe turned award-winning cookies, Sweet Girl Cookies in Charlotte, North Carolina specializes in cakey cookie perfection. This has been a favorite cookie of Eat Gift Love readers for years. Each of their delicious BIG cookies weighs in at almost 4 1/2 ounces! Too big? Then indulge in ther “classic” size which are still generously sized at 2 ounces each.  Their creative seasonal flavors are a delight to shop!

Cheryls Gift Box of Assorted Cookies available for mail order
Cookie Delivery from Mrs. Fields Cookies and Gift
Close up Image of Mail order cookies from Cheryls Cookies

Cheryl's Cookie Gifts! Buy now & schedule your delivery date!

Elle’s Belles Bakery, Bozeman, Montana

Snowman Christmas Cookies

Snowman Sugar Cookie Gifts from Elle’s Belles

Snowman and Snowflake sugar cookies with gingerbread sandwich cookies thrown in is what you can expect from Elle’s Belles Bakery this winter. These are just a few of the gorgeous baked goods available from Big Sky country of Montana where this bakery is a regional favorite.

Mackenzie Limited

Santa Christmas Cookie Gift Box

Santa’s Sleigh Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Gift

Do you know what they call Christmas cookie gifts like this Gingerbread Sleigh? “Grandma traps.” They are called that because the gift is so adorable grandmothers (aunts, God mothers, and others who can’t resist cute), are helpless not to buy this Christmas cuteness. We’re warning you! But really, we’re just as prone to cave to cuteness too.  Available from Mackenzie Limited.

William Greenberg Bakery, New York, New York

Christmas Cookie Gifts Black and White Cookies
Christmas Cookie Rainbow Cookies

Christmas Cookie Gifts from William Greenberg Bakery

Voted the #1 Black and White cookie in New York City, William Greenberg’s cookie is the one to beat. Known for their cakey texture and rich chocolate and vanilla frosting, they are also availabe in red velvet and multi-colored. And don’t forget the rainbow cookies: These colorful holiday favorites feature multi-colored layers of moist cake flavored with almond paste and dipped in bittersweet chocolate.

Cake Monkey Bakery, Los Angeles, California

Mail Order Cookie Gifts from Cake Monkey Bakery
Christmas Cookie Gift Box from Cake Monkey Bakery

Your favorite treats from childhood all “gourmeted” up!

While not technically cookies, the pastries from Cake Monkey in Los Angeles have reimagined your favorite childhood snacks in grown up gourmet form. Rollos and Ding Dongs and pop tarts and more just waiting to delight your grown up tastes! Give the gift of nostalgia this holiday with a gift from Cake Monekey.

In a Hurry? Gourmet Cookies at Amazon

Mail Order Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Can you really buy gourmet cookie gifts at Amazon? Absolutely! Liela Love Macarons are made with the highest quality almonds with most of the ingredients imported from France including the butter! But it will still take 3 to 4 days for delivery because these delicate cookies are baked fresh and individually wrapped to keep them safe in transit.

The Naughty Cookie, Vegan Cookie Gifts, Los Angeles, CA

Vegan Christmas Cookie Gifts

Lucious Vegan Holiday Cookies from The Naughty Cookie

The Naughty Cookie is known as one of the first vegan food companies to be sold at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Horchow and Williams-Sonoma. Listed as one of Martha’s Exclusives on Martha Stewart’s site, The Naughty Cookie has fans whether they are vegan or not. This is where you buy your holiday cookie gifts for all your vegan friends!