Mail Order Cookie Dough

Monster dough is creamy trail mix cookie dough in a jar!

For all of us who are cookie dough lovers, we can now skip the baking part and just enjoy the dough.

Cookie Dough Cafe has created edible gourmet cookie dough specifically to be enjoyed unbaked. Available in pint and individual sizes, Cookie Dough Cafe uses real cookie dough ingredients, minus the eggs, and then loads the dough with chocolate chips and brand-name mix-ins like M&Ms and Oreos. Flavors include Classic Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream, Monster, shown above, and Naked (just the dough).

If the Cookie Dough Cafe seems vaguely familiar, it may be because you saw this women-owned business on Shark Tank.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Pricing: $50 for 4 pints
Shipping: When we checked in was $19.99 for ground shipping of 4 pints.
Locations: You may find this product in a specialty grocer near you, or online at And it’s now available in bulk via Amazon: The Cookie Dough Cafe Gourmet Edible Cookie Dough, Chocolate Chip, 16 Ounce