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The Italian culture excels at living the philosophy that good food equals love. Now, imagine ordering an authentic antipasto platter to serve at your next celebration. Imagine a platter of hot and sweet soppressata, hot and sweet dry sausage, prosciutto, sharp provolone, 3-4 year old Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked mozzarella, red pepper cheese, and marinated bocconcini.

Hold on–Yes, your food is going to arrive packaged and deconstructed, so the beautiful presentation is going to take some effort on your part–but that’s good because then you get all the credit you rightly deserve for bringing it all together. Plus there are beautiful photos of the antipasto platters on the Arthur Avenue Italian Deli website to serve as a “how to” guide.

Maybe you prefer to send lasagne or eggplant parmigina or baked ziti? pasta? stuffed breads? foccacia? The Arthur Avenue Deli has been a Bronx, NY institution since 1940. Even its website is like walking into the deli itself so spend some time shopping, and soon enough a taste of Italy via New York will be on its way to you or someone you love.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Pricing: Starting at $20+ so with shipping expect to spend at least $50+

Gift Cards: Yes

Shipping: You can check shipping costs before you hand over your credit card info.

Take me there! www.arthuravenue.com or 718-295-5033

Location: Bronx, New York