Povitica, Croatian Dessert Bread

Povitica, a traditional Croation, walnut-filled bread

Povitica (po-vuh-teet-sa) also known as Potica (po-teet-sa) is a traditional Croatian dessert bread, rolled into layers (think of a Babka–only richer) and traditionally filled with a paste of walnuts and honey–though there are many other fillings used as well.

If you already know that, chances are it’s because you are lucky enough to have a Povitica baker in the family, and if so, you are highly opinionated as to what it should look and taste like. Our family has been blessed with two excellent Povitica bakers who can be cajoled into making at least one at Christmas. But if a Povitica craving hits between major holidays, you can order from one of the following bakeries. It won’t be like what your grandmother or mom makes (nothing ever is!), but it’ll come near to hitting the spot.

Update 2022: Since writing this post, there are even fewer places to buy a povitica online. We once listed four options, now there are only two that we are aware of. You can still depend on Strawberry Hill Bakery, and now the Vermont Country Store sells povitica too.