Send a Cake! The Best Birthday Cake Delivery to Order Online

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Let them eat cake, and lots of it! We have rounded up some of our absolute best cakes you can order online for delivery, from modest yet amazing bundt cakes to layer cakes so elaborate they will make your heart and your fork swoon. So don’t let a birthday, anniversary, holiday or house warming go by without celebrating with CAKE! Let’s get shopping:

Doan’s Bakery, Woodland Hills, CA

Famous Tom Cruise Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan's Bakery

Yes, It’s the Coconut Cake Tom Cruise is Famous for Gifting

Tom Cruise Gift Cake: Coconut Bundt Cake from Doan's Bakery

Doan’s Bakery Famous Coconut Bundt Cake

Yes, this is the famous white chocolate coconut bundt cake that Tom Cruise if famous for gifting at Christmas, but this beauty is perfect for any and every celebration all year round.

Imagine a moist coconut bundt cake, with chunks of sweet white chocolate, topped with a rich cream cheese frosting, and topped again with toasted coconut flakes. One bite and you’ll know why this cake has its own fan club.

Doan’s Bakery is still a family-owned and operated business, with a single location in Woodland Hills, California. If you’re ordering for a holiday, order early to make sure they don’t run out! Each cake measures 10″ diameter, and serves 12 – 16.

Mail Order Cakes Online at Doan’s Bakery via Goldbelly

Pricing: 10-inch round cakes $126 with Free Shipping

Send a Cake! Order Cake from Doan’s Bakery via Goldbelly

Milk Bar, NY, LA, DC

Vanilla Layer Cake to Order Online for Delivery from Milk Bar

A Vanilla Layer Cake that’s Birthday Cake Ready!

Rainbow Layer Cake to Order Online

A Chocolate Layer Cake with Cookie Truffles

Milk Bar was one of the first to feature “naked” layer cakes—cakes that have little or no icing around their sides to better showcase the deliciousness that lies within. The result is visually stunning and hard to resist. Milk Bar cakes come in 6-inch & 10-inch sizes (gluten-free versions are available), and they always feature a seasonal or holiday-inspired cake that never fails to delight. This is the cool big sister of traditional layer cakes, that will leave a delicious impression.

Mail Order Cakes Online at Milk Bar

Pricing: 6-inch and 10-inch round cakes begin at $50.

Shipping: Free shipping on orders $75+

Send a Cake! Order Cake online from Milk Bar

Holiday Desserts, Delivered to Your Door

Caroline’s Cakes, South Carolina

Editor’s Pick!
Caramel Layer Cake to Order Online

A Southern Favorite: 7 Layer Caramel Cake

Rainbow Layer Cake to Order Online

A Rainbow Cake Expresses Your “Happy Wishes”

Caroline’s Cakes, “Traditional southern cakes shipped right to your door,” were one of the earliest cakes to be available to order online, and with good reason—they were also one of the first cakes named to “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” These traditional southern layer cakes are a joy to behold. They are famous for their 7-layer cakes in flavors including chocolate, coconut, red velvet and carrot cake. The best seller? Their 7-layer caramel cake. Each 9-inch round cake serves 10 -14. Gluten-free cake options are available.

Mail Order Cakes Online at Caroline’s Cakes

Pricing: Buy a 9-inch round 7-layer cake for $70.

Shipping: Ships 2-3 day delivery.

Send a Cake! Order Cake online from Caroline’s Cakes

Over the Rainbow Cakes, Miami, Florida

Caramel Layer Cake to Order Online

Available in Chocolate, Golden Butter and Red Velvet

Rainbow Layer Cake to Order Online

Send the gift of a Rainbow Cake

Somewhere over the rainbow are the most delicious & decadent, out-of-this-world Rainbow Cakes! These jaw-dropping cakes start with four layers of rich Chocolate, scrumptious Golden Butter, or delightfully delectable Red Velvet cake, with a rainbow of beautiful swirls of buttercream frosting in-between each. These sky-high, outrageous cakes are then coated with vanilla frosting and finished with hundreds of — what else? — rainbow sprinkles! These Rainbow Cakes are incredible, edible centerpieces for any party, and they’re shipping nationwide!

Order Cake for Delivery from Over the Rainbow Cakes

Pricing: Buy a 6-inch round 4-layer cake with free shipping for $70.

Shipping: Free Shipping!

Send a Cake! Order a Rainbow Cake for delivery via Goldbelly

We Take the Cake, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Decorated Cupcakes to order Online

Elaborately decorated cupcakes are a sweet surprise!

Rainbow Layer Cake to Order Online

A mini 6-inch birthday cake serves four

Another favorite on Oprah’s list, We Take the Cake is an absolute “go to” to send wow-worthy cakes and cupcakes. When I think cake, my first though is the frosting: please, please let me get a slice with the big frosted roses on it. The more elaborate the frosting, the better. Apparently We Take the Cake knows my type and pipes elaborate cupcakes that make my heart swoon. They are also famous for their bundt cakes. The Key Lime Bundt cake (7-inch round, serves 6) is one of Oprah’s favorites.

One thing: Pay attention to the cake sizes. A six-inch cake may look good in photos, but they are pretty small IRL. If you are looking for a larger cake, consider Caroline’s 9-inch cakes above.

Mail Order Cakes Online at We Take the Cake

Pricing: Bundt Cakes begin at $50 with free shipping

Shipping: Free shipping

Send a Cake! Order cakes and cupcakes online from We Take the Cake via Goldbelly.


Daisy Cakes, Pauline, South Carolina

Four Layer Carrot Cake

Daisy Cakes Best-Selling 4 Layer Carrot Cake

Coconut Layer Cake

A 4-inch High Coconut Layer Cake

Daisy Cakes, created by Kim Nelson, came to national attention when Kim appeared on Shark Tank. Barbara Corcoran “bit” and invested in Kim’s vision for Daisy Cakes, and has since taken the bakery from sales in the 4 figures a month to sales of 6 figures per month. That’s a lot of cake (and happy customers)!

Kim bakes her cakes from recipes passed down to her from her great aunt Daisy and her grandmother who themselves were baking from recipes handed down for generations. Kim says her cakes are made from all-natural ingredients and lots of “Southern love.”

Current offerings include: Red Velvet cake, Chocolate Layer Cake, Lemon, Coconut, and their best-selling no-nuts-added Carrot Cake which is made with a pound of carrots, golden raisins and real cream cheese frosting.

The cakes are 8 1/2 inches round and 4 inches high. They are said to serve 16 – 20 people. Uh, Ms. Daisy has never been to my house. This size cake may feed 16 genteel ladies at a baby shower, but in my house, I’d estimate it would top out at 8 servings due to the generous proportions that my family thinks is “normal.” Not me of course! Oh, just a sliver for me…and please don’t notice when my sliver is gone that my fork is headed to your plate.

Let’s Go Shopping

Pricing: $59.95+ Shipping

Shipping: Items are shipped frozen via FedEx.

Corporate orders: Yes

Location: Pauline, South Carolina

Take me there! Daisy Cakes via Goldbelly.


Cakes from Red Truck Bakery, Virginia

We have enjoyed and sent nearly every one of Red Truck Bakery’s cakes: Alma Hackney’s Rum Cake, the Almond Cake with Amaretto (so moist, so good), the Triple Chocolate Cake (still getting compliments), the Shenandoah Apple Cake (deep sigh of joy). Also, these cakes are full-sized, which we appreciate.

A beloved rural bakery in Virginia, Red Truck Bakery is located in a renovated 1921 Esso filling station at Courthouse Square in Old Town Warrenton, Virginia. It’s a magnet for folks who are happy to drive for miles to enjoy their cakes, pies, and coffee.

The Washington Post writes: On a typical day, county judges, fox hunters and maybe actor Robert Duvall will be sipping Red Truck coffee at the 12-foot table salvaged from a 19th-century Virginia barn.

Mail Order Cakes Online at Red Truck Bakery

Pricing: 9-inch Bundt style cakes begin at $30.

Shipping: $12.95

Send a Cake! Order cakes online at Red Truck Bakery via Goldbelly.