The Best Organic Fruit Baskets to Order Online

Beautiful Organic Fruit Baskets and Gifts Delivered to Your Door

We’ve found peak-of-season organic fruit baskets and gifts that are ideal to send for every occasion. These fresh-from-the-orchard fruits are gorgeous and your purchase supports the important work of small organic farms across the country.

The companies below go well beyond the usual (boring) tower of apples and pears. Here you’ll find organic fruit gift baskets and more that take full advantage of seasonal fruits that will delight and surprise everyone on your list.

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Frog Hollow Farm Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Best Organic Fruit Baskets 2022 from Frog Hollow Farms
Organic Fruit at the Peak of Freshness
Organic Peaches, Plums and Nectarines in a Fruit Gift Basket from Frog Hollow Farms
Organic Fruit Gift Baskets from Frog Hollow Farms

Frog Hollow is a thriving 143-acre working organic farm in Brentwood, California. It is home to hundreds of trees which produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, plums, pluots, Asian and European pears, olives, persimmons, quince, apples and more.

Their farm-to-table philosophy results in a wealth of beautiful fruit basket gift choices including organic fruit baskets, fruit spreads, olive oil, cheeses and baked good.

Be sure to peruse the baked goods and familiarize yourself with the Scuffins, that “looks like a muffin, tastes like a scone, and is filled with fruit.” It’s won acclaim from O Magazine and the New York Times. Our favorites: add the organic dark chocolate olive oil chocolate truffles to your order (ahhh-mazing), or their one-of-a-kind organic fruitcake that sells out every fall. We doubt you’ll leave this website without sending a gift to yourself too.

Shipping: Fresh fruit ships Mondays through Wednesdays for second-day delivery. Flat rate shipping starts at $7.75. Click on the “Free Shipping” tab to view gifts with shipping included.

10% Off Your First Purchase. (Also…click the “Deal of the Day” in the main navigation for some terrific deals!)

Order beautiful and unique organic fruit basket gifts online at Frog Hollow Farm

Blueberry Tartlet from Frog Hollow Farms

Manhattan Fruitier Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Organic Fruit gift- Basket from Manhattan Fruitier
Organic Fruit Gifts from Manhattan Fruitier
Organic Fruit and Nuts Gift Basket
Organic Fruit and Nut Gift Baskets from Manhattan Frutier
Imagine sending an organic fruit basket gift that has been packed as if it will be featured in a still life painting.

You will lose yourself when shopping for fruit baskets at Manhattan Frutier. Yes, we know you just dropped in to choose a Thank You fruit gift basket ($53 – $180), so why are you utterly captivated by their fruit basket gifts welcoming a new baby ($63 – $285), or browsing the gorgeous House Warming Bagel Brunch Kit ($119). And, since you’re already on the site, why not send the link to your significant other to your favorite Birthday Celebration Fruit Gift Basket ($53 – $115).

Pricing: Expect $50+ = lovely, $80+ = delightful, $130+ = memorable.

Shipping: Under the image of each gift click the Shipping Options (yes, even before you add the item to your shopping cart). You’ll be able to enter the shipping zip code and immediately see arrival dates and shipping costs.

Order directly from Manhattan Fruitier.

Organic Vegetable Basket Gifts from Ekerton Hill Farmrms
Organic Vegetable Gift Baskets at the Peak of Freshness
Organic Fruit and Vegetables Gift Basket Delivered

Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gift Basket Delivered

Free Shipping

Yes, we know you thought you wanted to send a fruit gift basket, but we couldn’t help but to feature fresh-picked vegetables too. Mike’s Organic partners with small farmers, fishermen, artisans, and producers to source high-quality products that can’t be found anywhere else. What started as a Stamford, Connecticut area home delivery service has since grown into a beloved local market. From pasture-raised wild game to seasonal CSA baskets brimming with super-fresh organic produce, Mike’s is taking the guesswork out of clean eating, and it’s shipping nationwide!

They grow more than 100 varieties of juicy heirloom tomatoes and vegetables in every shape and hue.

Order fresh-picked organic fruit and vegetable gift baskets online at Goldbelly Free Shipping! 

Fruit Share Organic Fruit Delivery

Organic Fruit Basket Gifts from Fruit Share Organic Fruit Gifts
Fruit Basket Gifts Delivered From Fruit Share
FruitShare in Stillwater, Minnesota works with small family farmers who give their fruit the time to ripened on the tree, bush or vine until it is at the peak of flavor. Only then is it harvested—often by hand—and delivered within days of being harvested. Their motto: “Picked Fresh. Shipped Fast. Always Organic.”

All the love and care poured into FruitShare’s organic fruit makes their fruit boxes ideal gifts for any occasion. With the option to include a personal handwritten note, a fresh fruit gift says everything from “Congratulations,” and “Happy birthday,” to “Get well soon,” and “Thank you.”

Pricing: $34 – $495 Fruit of the month club

Shipping: Free shipping.

You can also find a full selection of organic fruit basket gifts on the Fruitshare storefront on Amazon.

Or you can order organic fruit baskets delivered from FruitShare directly.

Harry & David Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Organic Fruit Baskets Delivered from Harry & David
Fruit Basket Gifts Delivered From Harry & David
Our list of fruit gift baskets would not be complete without including Harry & David. Yes, they offer organic fruit baskets, too, and they are as lovely as you would expect.

In fact it was brothers Harry and David who pioneered the Fruit of the Month club in 1936 to expand the sales reach of their famous “Riviera Pears.” It was a brilliant innovation, and their same commitment to quality fruit gifts continues to this day. Now owned by 1-800-Flowers, you can order from the Harry and David website, as well as find select gifts on Amazon.

Pricing: Organic options from $40. You can also subscribe to the Organic Fruit of the Month Club.

Shipping: Shipping varies by weight and distance, however, a click on their “sale” navigation link takes you to items that ship for free.

Select Harry and David gift baskets are also available directly on Amazon.

Golden State Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Organic Fruit Gift Basket From Golden State Fruit Available on Amazon
Fruit Gift Baskets Delivered From Golden State Fruit

If you find yourself in a rush you’ll be as relieved as we are to find how easy Amazon makes it to send lovely organic fruit basket gifts. If you are looking for a lovely presentation, a nice selection of fruit, free Prime shipping, and a gift for less than $50, Amazon has you covered.

Golden State Fruit offers 13 pieces of fruit including organic D’anjou and Bosc pears, organic Braeburn and Granny Smith apples, organic navel oranges, organic kiwi and organic Mango – certified organic by CCOF, packed in a signature gift box and tied with a gift ribbon.

Are you looking for fruit basket gifts that include cheese and chocolates? You can choose from 23 different gift baskets in every price point.

Pricing: $40 and up.

Shipping: Free via Amazon Prime

Order beautiful Organic Fruit Gift Baskets online from Golden State Fruit Gift Baskets on Amazon

The Fruit Company Organic Fruit Gift Baskets

Organic Fruit Basket Gift from The Fruit Company Available on Amazon
Organic Fruit Basket Gift Delivered
Fruit Company Dried Fruit Crisps
Dried Fruit Crisps

We first experienced an orange crisp served as a garnish on a frozen bourbon cocktail. Was this delicate, crisp slice of fruit even edible? A nibble delivered an intense taste of orange. It was sweet and tart and bitter and sweet again. We knew our readers would love these too, so we spent weeks tracking these down.

Fruit crisps are made by thinly slicing fruit, then slowly dehydrating each slice. Pretty simple, right? But the result is a revelation! The gentle drying process both preserves and concentrates the fruit’s natural taste without adding any preservatives, additives or sugar. The taste? Well first there’s the shatteringly crisp bite followed by the intensely “fruity” taste of the fruit itself — as if its flavor has been concentrated by the power of three.

Choose from flavors including pineapple, mandarin orange, blood orange, peach, apple, pear, strawberry and lemon.

If you’re sending these as a gift, send yourself some too. They are wonderful eaten plain, added to sparkling water or a cocktail, served with cheese, or drizzled with dark chocolate. Welcome to your new healthy addiction.

Pricing: $40 – $80 depending on assortment and size.

Shipping: $12 Standard Shipping

Order Fruit Crisps at the Fruit Company. Shop the Fruit Company’s Organic Fruit Basket Gifts here. Also available on Amazon.

Melissa’s Organic Fruit Basket Gifts

Organic Baby Vegetable Gift Baskets Delivered 

Organic Fruit Basket Gifts from Melissa's
Organic Fruit Basket Gifts Delivered from Melissa’s
We interrupt your shopping for fruit basket gifts to suggest you send a gift box of organic baby vegetables. It is an ideal gift for those following the Keto or Peleo diets. While it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, a gift of organic seasonal baby vegetables $60, is as beautiful and appreciated as an arrangement of fruit or flowers. Imagine baby versions of artichokes, beets, broccoli, turnips, kohlrabi, cauliflower, squash, leeks, carrots, potatoes, and radishes artfully arranged in a woven basket. Or what about the organic mixed vegetable and fruit box, $25. Either are ideal for organic juicers.

From Standard to exotic the Mellissa’s organic produce site offers fruits that just aren’t available elsewhere like cactus pear, lychee and cherimoya.

Pricing: Gift baskets begin in the $60 range

Shipping: Free shipping!

Order Organic Fruit Basket Gifts at Melissa’s via Goldbelly.