World Spice Merchant Smoke Out Smokey Spice Blend

World Spice Merchant Smoke Out Smokey Spice Blend

World Spice Merchants, located in Washington state adjacent to Seattle’s Pike Place Market, has a wide selection of spices and herbs from all over the world. The product photos are terrific–so much so that you may imagine you can actually smell the spices.

Sourced in whole form whenever possible, they grind their spices only after your order is placed within 24 hours of shipment. The only way to get more flavor is to grind them at home.

Though you can choose your salt, herbs or spices individually, the website also features terrific gift spice selections that will take the guess-work out of what to send–BBQ Regional Rubs, Curry Classics, Global Pepper Packs, Sea Salt Sampler–just to name a few.

If you are craving the authentic taste of international fare, you can also choose gift sets from 11 different geographic regions including Africa, India, Carribean, The Middle East and Europe.

You can order spices in a range of sizes in either bags or airtight glass jars so you can order just the right amount.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Prices: Depending on the spice prices start under $5 for 2oz, but plan around $30+ for a nice gift selection.

Gift Cards: Yes

Locations: Seattle, Washington

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