How to Cook Bacon in the Oven for Perfect Bacon Every Time

Crisp Bacon Slices Cooked in an Oven
Cooking bacon in the oven results in better, uniformly crisp slices of irresistible bacon

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When you think of cooking bacon do you envision bacon strips sizzling in a skillet? There’s a much better way.  Skillets make it difficult for bacon to cook to a uniform doneness. It’s obvious why: in a round frying pan only the bacon slices in the middle are in full contact with the pan.  As a result, you spend your cooking time rotating done and barely-done pieces in the pan with the fading hope of producing uniformly crisp pieces. Wouldn’t your time be better spent tending to your breakfast pancakes or homemade biscuits? The solution is simple and a heck of a lot easier. Cook your bacon in the oven and you’ll enjoy evenly crisped bacon every time.

How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees. This is the ideal temperature that doesn’t rush your bacon.  Remember, even when pan frying bacon the heat should be medium to medium low to allow the bacon fat time to render without toughening the proteins of the meaty portion.

1. To minimize cleanup, line a rimmed baking sheet, otherwise known as a cookie sheet or a jelly roll pan, with foil to cover all exposed surfaces including the sides. No foil? No problem. Skip this step.

2. Place a stainless steel baking rack on top of the foil.  Please use a true stainless steel (18/8), oven-safe baking rack. Do not use a baking rack that is metal plated, or that has non-stick coatings that can chip or scratch and transfer toxins/chemicals to your food. Here’s one we like  that fits a standard cookie sheet. If you don’t have a baking rack handy, skip it and put the slices directly on the pan.

3. Place your bacon strips in a single layer across the baking rack or pan. The edges of the bacon can touch but do not overlap the slices.

4. Place the sheet pan of bacon in the upper third of your pre-heated oven for 25 – 30 minutes depending on how thick-cut your bacon is and your preferred level of crispness.

5. If you are cooking the bacon without a baking rack and want even browning, at the 20 minute mark remove the bacon from the oven and flip each slice over, then return to the oven for the final 10 minutes.  This is not technically necessary because the underside of the bacon will be heated through in the rendered bacon fat, but we appreciate the crispy bacon lovers out there who may want to take the extra step. If you are using a baking rack you can skip this step. I know I do.

Once baked to your preferred crispiness, transfer the bacon slices to a paper-towel-lined plate to drain the excess fat before serving, though you’re just fine to skip that step too.

Extra credit: Let the bacon drippings cool, then pour into a wide-mouth glass, air tight container like an old jelly jar. Store the bacon fat drippings in the refrigerator. Properly refrigerated bacon grease can last up to six months. I know your grandmother may have kept bacon grease in a coffee can on the counter at room temperature. You are not your grandmother. Use the wonderful drippings just as you would butter to saute vegetable–especially leafy greens, or fry eggs, or mix a tablespoon or two into raw hamburger meat before forming into patties to add the perfect smoky flavor to your burgers. Also consider swaping out a tablespoon or two of butter for bacon fat in soft-baked ginger cookies. Trust us on this. Ginger, molasses and the ghost of smoky flavor from the bacon fat are flavors that result in a perfect, quirky and delectable taste.

Check out our list of best bacon and bacon of the month gifts to buy online.

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The Best Bacon Gifts Online for Serious Bacon Lovers

Bacon lovers know bacon isn’t “just” bacon. The choices and varieties in bacon are nearly endless. Do you want cured or uncured bacon? Slab, thick or thin cut bacon slices? Traditional bacon or certified paleo and keto bacon (yes, there is such a thing). Deep smoky flavor? Maybe you want a touch of sweet to offset the salty meat? Heavy on the bacon fat, or lean and meaty? We think we’ve done a pretty good job covering nearly every type of bacon you are looking for.

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A quick note: If you think some of the bacons we list are more expensive than your grocery store varieties there are two reasons: water and time.

Many grocery store bacons are brined which means the meat retains water weight that is lost in the frying pan. You know when you are frying up bacon and it pops and the grease goes flying? Yup, that’s the water rendering out of cheaper bacons. And you’ll note this water-added bacon often fries up limp in the pan. The bacons we list do not add water.

Second, dry cured and smoked bacon takes time, and time is money. There are no “smoke flavor additives” in the bacons below. The smoke flavor is infused by time in a real smokehouse. Hickory smoke is going to result in the strongest “campfire-like” taste. Applewood and cob smoking will impart a milder flavor. We really are aiming to hit the tastes of true bacon lovers, and we believe there is a bacon for everyone in our list below.

We independently choose the products we review, and only recommend the best in our opinion. As an affiliate and Amazon associate, In some cases if you click and purchase through our links we may receive a small commission. Let’s get shopping!

Mouth, Brooklyn, New York

Bacon Gift Box from Mouth
Bacon Gift Box Curated by Mouth
This curated bacon gift box of small batch bacon includes Nodine’s old-world Irish-cured bacon, a Spanish smoked paprika bacon (think chorizo in bacon form), and Peter Luger’s extra thick-cut bacon. This is exactly the kind of “Wow, where’d you find that?” gift you want to send to your favorite bacon lover.

Order the Bacon Gift Box online at Mouth

Pricing: A curated gift box of bacon $50.00

Shipping: Choose from standard (about $12 from East Coast to West Coast), Express, or Overnight

Order Bacon Gifts Online: Curated Bacon Gift Box from Mouth

Benton’s Smokey Mountain Country Bacon, Madisonville, Tennessee

Bentons Bacon, Thick Cut Hickory Smoked
Benton’s Hickory Smoked Bacon
Featured on the PBS series, Mind of a Chef, (now playing on Netflix) Benton’s Smokey Mountain Country Hams is renowned for its classic old-style bacon. Rubbed by hand with salt, brown sugar and black pepper, the bacon is dry cured in a small, wood stove smokehouse, imparting a distinct hickory-smoked flavor and smell. In fact when you open your delivery of Benton’s bacon prepare to be enveloped in the smell some describe as “campfire.” One reviewer said his grandfather would have recognized the bacon’s classic country flavor. Top reviews praise the “just right” hickory flavor. One review complains the bacon is too fatty, and—you guessed it—has a “too strong” hickory flavor. You know who you’re buying for, so we’ll let your tastes decide.

Order Bacon online at Benton’s Country Smokehouse

Pricing: Four one-pound packs of this classic, old-style smoked bacon go for $32.00

Shipping: Costs vary depending on your location. But the website gives fair warning: Most orders will ship within five business days after they are placed, so this is not a last-minute gift option.

Order Bacon Online: Benton’s Hickory Smoked Country Bacon.

Snake River Farms Kurobuta Bacon, Boise, Idaho

Thick Cut Smoked Kurobuta Bacon from Snake River Farms
Thick Cut Kurobuta Smoked Bacon isn’t Just for Breakfast

This traditional, thick-cut 100% Kurobuta pork belly bacon is mildly smoky, salty, and slightly sweet. The flavor results from the light cure and real hardwood smoke.

This bacon is generously marbled throughout making it delicious for breakfast as well as a perfect “barding” bacon to wrap around food to add a layer of flavor and moisture.

Kurobuta is the Japanese term for “black hog” and refers to animals of the Berkshire variety, a heritage breed that has retained the natural fat that has been bred out of conventionally raised pork. Snake River Farms is also famous for its country hams, which we write about in our article highlighting the best country hams online. Snake River’s purebred Berkshire hogs are raised without added hormones on a network of family farms. This bacon, neither too sweet nor too smokey, is likely to please even the pickiest bacon lover.

Order Bacon Gifts Online From Snake River Farms

Pricing: $29.00 for a 1.5-pound pack of sliced bacon. A 4-pound, uncut slab of bacon is also available for $69.00.

Shipping: $9.99 Standard Shipping (Ground).

Order Bacon Online: Snake River Farms Bacon.

Fossil Farms Berkshire Smoked Bacon, Boonton, NJ

Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon from Fossil Farms

Thick Cut Berkshire Pork Hickory Smoked Bacon 

Fossil Farms’ thick-cut, smoked 100% Berkshire pork bacon is minimally processed with a taste that delivers an excellent balance between its salty and light hickory smoked flavor.

This is one of the leaner, meatier bacons on our list which means it holds its own with a side of eggs or as the star ingredient in a BLT. Because this bacon is not going to shrink to a fraction of its size when cooked, try caramelizing it in the oven by dredging each slice in brown sugar and spices (375 degrees for 20 minutes, flip the bacon at the 10 minute mark). Order extra bacon. You’re going to need it. You also have to try Fossil Farms hickory smoked Berkshire ham.

Order Bacon Gifts Online From Fossil Farms

Pricing: $22 and up

Shipping: UPS Ground for nearby states. 2nd Day Air for longer shipping distances.

Order Bacon Online: Fossil Farms.

Tender Belly Bacon, Denver, Colorado

Paleo and Keto Certified Bacon from Tender Belly
Paleo and Keto Certified Bacon from Tender Belly
Not all bacon is Keto or Paleo certified. Why? Sugar is a common ingredient used in curing bacon. Tender Belly solves this issue by offering a nitrate-free, sugar-free uncured bacon. The bacon comes from the ultra-tender bellies of Duroc Heritage breed hogs that are given time to mature, which creates that extra marbling for added flavor and juiciness. Because this bacon has no added water, you get more meat per package. Plus it won’t pop, splatter and shrink down to nothing when you cook it. Expect thick and meaty cuts that will hold their own in the pan and be amazing at breakfast or heaped on a burger or steak.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Tender Belly

Pricing: Starts at $12.95 for a one pound package, with a $50 minimum order which includes free shipping.

Shipping: Free with minimum order.

Bacon of the month club: Yes!

Order Bacon Gifts Online: Tender Belly Bacon.

Buffalo Gal, Houston, Minnnesota

Wild Boar Bacon from Buffalo Gal
Lean, Wild Boar Bacon from Buffalo Gal
You think you know bacon? Maybe you need a bacon reset? Buffalo Gal offers a wild boar bacon, salty and lean with a meaty texture that is closer to what “real” bacon was before factory farmed pork and engineered hog feed entered the picture. More expensive, but an interesting choice particularly for those bacon lovers who think they’ve tried it all.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Buffalo Gal

Pricing: Starts at $17.95 for a one pound package.

Shipping: Add the items to your cart, enter your billing and shipping address, and click “Continue”. You will be able to view total cost of shipping before you enter payment information.

Order Bacon Gifts Online: Buffalo Gal Bacon.

Broadbent’s Bacon, Kuttawa, Kentucky

Country Smoked Bacon From Broadbent's Smokehouse
Applewood Smoked Bacon from Broadbent’s
Broadbent’s is one of the best values on this list. They have been dry curing award-winning smokehouse meats and bacon for over 100 Years. They still use the original recipe with a variety of Smokey Flavors to create unforgettable flavor. They add no water, meaning you are buying 100% Bacon. Be aware Broadbent’s is a salt cured bacon and will be salty in nature which makes great breakfast bacon, or it can be cut into chunks to season a pot of beans or greens, and don’t forget to fry up crispy strips for killer BLTs. Also available for purchase at the Broadbent’s storefront on

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Broadbent’s

Pricing: $33 for a 4 – 5 pounds of bacon. An excellent value.

Shipping: For shipping costs and delivery times, click here.

Bacon of the month club: Yes!Order Bacon Gifts Online: Broadbent’s or visit Broadbent’s storefront on Amazon.

Col. Bill Newsom’s Aged Kentucky Country Bacon, Princeton, Kentucky

Nitrate-Free Bacon from Newsom's Smokehouse
Nitrate-free Bacon from Newsom’s Smokehouse

A beloved smokehouse in their rural community of Princeton, Kentucky since 1917, it’s no mystery
why. People in the community say the Newsom family is one of the humblest, most caring families they know. That care is evident in the quality of their bacon and hams, which we also write about here.

Col. Bill Newsom’s offers several different options of smoked bacon and sausage. Among them:
hickory-smoked country bacon, nitrate-free hickory-smoked country bacon, and hickory-smoked pepper
bacon. All are local favorites, and those who prefer a slightly healthier version of
an old staple will appreciate the nitrate-free option.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Newsoms Country Ham

Pricing: The standard hickory-smoked country bacon comes to $14.49 per 1/1.25-pound package before shipping, while the nitrate-free version is $15.99 for a 1/1.25-pound pack.

Shipping: Minimum shipping order of $29.95 per address. Exact cost of shipping will vary depending on your location, and shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico will require 2nd Day Air service.

Order Bacon Online: Col. Newsom’s Smoked Bacon.

Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Zingerman's Bacon of the Month Club
The Ultimate Bacon of the Month Club from Zingerman’s

Can’t make up your mind about which bacon gift to choose? We know! So skip the decision fatigue and go with Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club and choose either a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription of bacon from the top smokehouses! Yeah, you read that right, bacon from Benton’s, Broadbent’s, Newsom’s and more. Zingerman’s has curated the best of the best bacon gifts and will ship it to you so you can have a culinary tour of the best bacon to look forward to every month. I’m in!

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Zingerman’s

Pricing: Starting at $99 for a three month subscription.

Shipping: Free shipping included.

Order Bacon Gifts Online: Zingerman’s Mail Order

Edwards Virginia Smokehouse Bacon, Surry, Virginia

Edwards Smoke Cured Bacon
Edwards of Virginia old-fashioned smoked bacon
Edwards offers a leaner, hickory smoked premium bacon. Shop their excellent selection of dry-cured, hickory-smoked bacon options including sliced hickory-smoked country bacon, sliced hickory-smoked peppered bacon, sliced hickory-smoked maple bacon, thick-cut hickory-smoked bacon steak, and half-slab country bacon. Some say the one-fourth inch thick slices of bacon steak are ideal for bacon burgers. Others say the half-slab country bacon brings back the “old fashioned” taste they remember from their childhood.

Edwards Smokehouse Bacon

Pricing: Choose four packs of twelve ounces for $66.00, or six twelve-ounce packs for $79.00—this option applies to all of the varieties mentioned above, except the half-slab country
bacon—a 5.5 to 6.5 pound slab of smoky bacon that you can cut to your preferred thickness goes for $75.00 with shipping included.

Shipping: The shipping costs are built in to their prices; just click “Free Standard Shipping” at checkout.

Order Bacon Online: Edwards of Virginia Smoked Bacon.

cool $15 off purchases of $50+ for new Goldbelly customers with code GetInMyBelly. Good through December 2021!

Neuske’s Bacon, Wittenburg, Wisconsin

Applewood Smoked Bacon Gifts
Neuske’s Applewood Smoked Bacon Gift Pack
Nueske’s Bacon: Wittenberg, Wisconsin
This award-winning Applewood smoked bacon’s claim to fame is its leanness and smoky flavor derived
from a 24-hour smoking process. Many reviewers were amazed how little it shrinks on the skillet,
though some complained the bacon was a bit salty for their taste. Other varieties include:
triple thick-cut bacon, wild Cherrywood smoked bacon, Applewood smoked peppered bacon,
Applewood smoked slab bacon, Applewood smoked Canadian bacon, and various other Applewood
smoked/gourmet bacon sampler packages.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Neuske’s Smokehouse

Pricing: The prices vary, though none too expensive, especially for the quality. Everything (excluding a few gift-basket items) lies in the $24.99-$59.99 range, depending on quantity and variety.

Shipping: Standard, Second-Day Air, and Overnight Shipping are all available options. Standard shipping starts at $12.99 for any purchase of $24.99 and under, and goes up incrementally from there.

Order Bacon Online: Nueske’s Smoked Bacon.

Harrington’s Bacon, Richmond, Vermont

Applewood Smoked Bacon from Harringtons of Vermont
Tender, Smoky-Sweet Bacon from Harrington’s of Vermont
This sliced smokehouse bacon is made from the leanest choice pork bellies, and is cured with their own
unique recipe using pure Vermont maple syrup. It is then smoked for 8+ hours over corn cobs
and Maplewood embers resulting in a milder smokey flavor. They also offer thick-cut bacon, sliced Canadian bacon, and various gift baskets and samplers perfect for a complete breakfast, or, heck, midnight celebration.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Harringtons

Pricing: The standard sliced smokehouse bacon starts at $15.95 for a one-pound, six-ounce package. Options for two, three, and five-pound packages are also available. Additionally, there is a three-pound slab variety of the same bacon selling for $33.95. The sliced Canadian bacon starts at $12.95 for a
twelve-ounce package, and the thick-sliced bacon starts at $22.95 for a two-pound package. If you are unsatisfied with any of their products, they also provide a money-back guarantee.

Shipping: Shipping starts at $14.99 for orders under $30.00, and jumps to $18.99 for orders up to $50.00, which may be closer to what you end up spending. Overnight and other alternative shipping
methods are also available.

Order Bacon Online: Harrington’s Smoked Bacon.

Montana Valley Ham and Bacon, Helena, Montana

Peppered Slab Cut Bacon
Peppered Bacon from Montana Valley Hams
You won’t find this jewel of a bacon on many lists, which makes it a special find. Price-wise it’s one of the best values on this list. We absolutely love their Montana Valley hams, and their bacon is just as good. Choose from the standard thick-cut Montana Valley bacon, and the spicier, peppered variation. Both are excellent.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Montana Valley Ham

Pricing: Both varieties go for $9.99 per one-pound package, though they would appreciate if you let them know in advance if you plan on ordering 10 or more packages. This is perhaps the best value
bacon on this list, especially if you live in a closer proximity to Montana.

Shipping: Cost varies depending on location, though it is far cheaper to have it shipped to the northwestern part of the U.S.

Order Bacon Online: Montana Valley Ham and Bacon.

Burger’s Smokehouse Bacon, California, Missouri

Applewood Smoked Bacon
Applewood Smoked Bacon from Berger’s Smokehouse
Burgers’ Smokehouse gives you tons of variety to choose from, including: Country Ham Bacon, Original
City Bacon, Original Country Bacon, Attic Aged Ham Bacon, City Peppered Bacon, Peppered Bacon Steak,
Sliced Canadian Bacon and lots of sampler options as well. So much bacon! In a hurry? Shop the Burger’s storefront at

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Burger’s Smokehouse

Pricing: With so many options to choose from it is ideal to order one of their bacon samplers. The Ultimate Bacon Sampler, which goes for $73.00 and contains six one-pound packages is a customer
favorite, with the only real complaint being the slices may not be thick enough for your preference.
Other samplers include the thick-cut Bacon Steak Sampler, which goes for $59.99 and contains four one-pound
packages, or the Sliced Bacon Sampler for $59.99, containing four one-pound packages.

Shipping: Shipping costs are already included in the price you see on the site.

Order Bacon Online: Burger’s Smokehouse Bacon. Also visit Burger’s Smokehouse Amazon Storefront, check pricing for an excellent selection of bacon gifts, and free shipping.

Smoking Goose Bacon, Indianapolis, Indiana

Jowl Bacon
Jowl Bacon Available at the Smoking Goose
Smoking Goose’s dry-rub, slab belly Applewood smoked bacon cured under sea salt, brown sugar and Indiana maple sugar adds a “salty-sweet depth” to your meals. They also offer spicy jowl bacon, which is the whole jowl muscle along the jaw and under the pork cheeks, dry rub cured under cracked black peppercorns and coriander, and, of course, intensely smoked over Applewood. They also offer a pasture-raised lamb bacon.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Smoking Goose

Pricing: We found all the items to be middle-of-the-pack reasonably priced: Applewood smoked bacon: $14.60 for a twelve-ounce package; sliced jowl bacon: $11.95 per twelve-ounce package, and a Bacon Collection containing a 12-ounce package of Applewood smoked bacon, a 12-ounce package of jowl bacon and an 8-ounce package of bacon bits for $50.00 with free shipping.

Shipping: Standard shipping. Free shipping on orders over $75 and the website often offers free shipping promotions.

Order Bacon Online: Smoking Goose Bacon via Goldbelly. cool $15 off purchases of $50+ for new Goldbelly customers with code GetInMyBelly. Good through December 2021!

In a hurry? Also available via the Smoking Goose Amazon Storefront.

North Country Smokehouse Bacon, Claremont, New Hampshire

uncured bacon from North Country Smokehouse
No hormones, no antibiotics, no nitrates in North Country Smokehouse’s Uncured Bacon
North Country Smokehouse offers all natural, certified humane and organic pork product from a network of more than 200 farms in Ontario and Quebec. These wood smoked bacons start as lean pork bellies that are selected from Canadian family farms. Then pork is then marinated in a dark maple syrup brine and double smoked to create hearty, thick-cut bacon that’s more boldly flavored.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at North Country Smokehouse

Pricing: Sold in 5 pound packs for $48, this bacon is a good value priced under $10 pound.

Shipping: You can enter your zip to get a shipping estimate. We entered zip codes from across the country and found the shipping costs high, but that’s because this is uncured bacon, so it has the added weight of being shipped with ice packs.

Order Bacon Online: North Country Smokehouse. In a hurry? You can also visit the North Country Smokehouse Amazon Storefront.

The Loveless Café, Nashville, Tennessee

Applewood Smoked Bacon From Loveless Cafe
Assorted Bacon Gift Packs from Loveless Cafe
The Loveless Café had its modest launch in 1951 when Lon and Annie Loveless began serving fried chicken and biscuits from the front door of their home to travelers who passed by on US Highway 100 in Nashville, Tennessee. Today the Cafe is not only going strong, it is a beloved destination, and Sunday brunch is made even more special with their signature bacon. You can choose from peppered bacon, spicy Cajun bacon,
Applewood smoked bacon, and maple bacon. No water is added to any of their bacon, so it does not
shrink on the skillet as many store-bought bacons do. You might also want to order their biscuit mix to ensure a true southern breakfast feast.

Order Bacon Gifts Online at Loveless Cafe

Pricing: We recommend the 4-package bacon sampler, containing one pound of each flavor for $59.00.

Shipping: Flat-rate standard ground shipping is $12.00 per address.

Order Bacon Gifts Online: Loveless Cafe Bacon via Goldbelly.  cool $15 off purchases of $50+ for new Goldbelly customers with code GetInMyBelly. Good through December 2021!

Now that you’ve just ordered the best bacon, here’s the perfect way to cook bacon in the oven!

Start a Food Blog: Your Simple Step-by-Step Guide

How to Start a Blog in Three Easy Steps


How to Start a Blog on Bluehost, Step by Step

It started with a search for fruitcake. I didn’t even like fruitcake at the time, but I wanted to give the perfect fruitcake as a gift. So I began an online search and, yes, one by one I found fruitcakes in Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky and Virginia.

I was bouncing from one website to another as I tried to guess at the best one to buy. It was frustrating and I wondered why there wasn’t a resource online where I could see all of my best options in one place.

I knew there had to be plenty of other obsessive shoppers like me. In fact it is because I have a reputation among my friends and colleagues for being such an exhaustive online researcher that they often ask me for my recommendations.

Finally, rather than send out my best food finds one email request at a time, It made sense to just list my best research online. And that was the launch of my blog EatGiftLove. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made and a lot of fun. Oh, and by the way, I love fruitcake now. My current favorite is the Fruit and Nut Cake from Beatrice Bakery in Nebraska. So good!

Now it’s your turn to share your passion for food, recipes, cooking, baking, healthy eating, grilling, reviewing, celebrating and more by starting a blog of your own!

Is it hard to start? Here’s what every blogger knows: if you have the skills to send an email, you have the skills to start and run a blog. And it costs just a few dollars a month when you follow my tips below. Plus it is seriously fun and can be personally and financially rewarding.

In a little over a year my blog went from being a small site visited by family and friends to having thousands of visits a month, to now earning money.

As my blog has grown, friends and colleagues have asked how I did it. To thank them for their early support and encouragement, it is my pleasure to walk them and you through this simple guide to creating your own blog on any subject you choose.  I’m going to tell you exactly the tools I use and what not to bother with.  You are going to travel light and go far.

How to Start a Blog in Three Easy Steps

Follow the illustrated “how-to” below and you will have a professional and beautiful blog set up in about 10 minutes.

Note: All of the services and tools I write about in this tutorial I currently use. Some are affiliate links which means it costs you not a penny more (and in some cases it allows me to offer discounted promotional rates), and I receive a small commission if you make a purchase. But this tutorial will help you no matter what tools you choose or which free or paid WordPress theme you use.

The Three Easy Steps to Launch Your Blog

Choose a Hosting Provider and Domain Name. uses Bluehost.
Install WordPress (hint: it’s already part of your Bluehost hosting account. You don’t do a thing!)
Design Your Blog (hint: a professional design is as easy as drag and drop!)

1. Choosing a hosting provider and domain name

I am using the same affordable hosting provider I started with three years ago: Bluehost. Here’s why:

Your domain name is included for free
This promotional rate saves you quite a bit of money.
You get five email accounts
You get a free SSL certificate (this let’s search engines know your site is safe for visitors. Other servers charge for SSL certificates.)
You get a 30-day money back guarantee
…and the most compelling reason…
Bluehost has already loaded your site with WordPress

Choose a Domain Name that Can Grow with You

Whether you already have a domain name, or are just thinking about some names, here are some quick guidelines to consider: Is it easy to spell? Easy to remember? Not too long? Can you already imagine a logo that might go with it?

No matter how perfect a domain name you dream up, avoid one that might limit you. For example, right now you may want to blog about your amazing collection of guilt-free dessert recipes, but later you may want to branch out beyond desserts. Pick a domain name that gives you room to grow as a blogger.

Once you have a good list, head to Bluehost. The basic plan for less than $4 per month is all you need. It is the same plan we have used for years. You’ll pay in one lump sum for 3 years to get the promotional rate which is excellent.

You are now a few clicks away from launching your blog!

How to Start a Blog Using Bluehost
Bluehost Hosting Plans for Blogs
Register Your Domain Name on Bluehost
Bluehost Server Subscription Options

As you sign up you’ll be offered services we don’t think you need and that we don’t use. Privacy protection is optional. If you buy privacy protection your name and contact information is not publicly shared with your domain name in public records. We don’t use privacy protection. Site backup can be taken care of for free with a free WordPress Plugin and a free subscription to Dropbox. But this is the most important option I insist you don’t buy: Do not sign up for the Search Engine Jump Start! Experienced bloggers groan at that unnecessary “upsell.” The search engines will find your site on their own. And SiteLock is another upsell that can be accomplished with a free Wordfence or Sucuri plugin.

Once you’ve completed your payment information, you will receive an email to confirm your new hosting subscription. Follow the directions to “authenticate” you are the owner and…

Congratulations! You have just launched your blog. It’s time to get busy sharing your ideas with the world!

Mail Order Italian – Arthur Avenue Italian Deli

We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy via links on our site. Learn more.

The Italian culture excels at living the philosophy that good food equals love. Now, imagine ordering an authentic antipasto platter to serve at your next celebration. Imagine a platter of hot and sweet soppressata, hot and sweet dry sausage, prosciutto, sharp provolone, 3-4 year old Parmigiano Reggiano, smoked mozzarella, red pepper cheese, and marinated bocconcini.

Hold on–Yes, your food is going to arrive packaged and deconstructed, so the beautiful presentation is going to take some effort on your part–but that’s good because then you get all the credit you rightly deserve for bringing it all together. Plus there are beautiful photos of the antipasto platters on the Arthur Avenue Italian Deli website to serve as a “how to” guide.

Maybe you prefer to send lasagne or eggplant parmigina or baked ziti? pasta? stuffed breads? foccacia? The Arthur Avenue Deli has been a Bronx, NY institution since 1940. Even its website is like walking into the deli itself so spend some time shopping, and soon enough a taste of Italy via New York will be on its way to you or someone you love.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Pricing: Starting at $20+ so with shipping expect to spend at least $50+

Gift Cards: Yes

Shipping: You can check shipping costs before you hand over your credit card info.

Take me there! or 718-295-5033

Location: Bronx, New York

Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cartons

Salt & Straw Ice Cream Cartons

Online Mail Order Ice Cream, Salt & Straw

Salt and Straw’s Almond Brickle with salted caramel ganache

Brace yourself for flavors that will redefine what ice cream can be. How about a scoop of Pear & Blue Cheese or Honey Balsamic Strawberry with Black Pepper, or Arbequina Olive Oil, or maybe Stumptown Coffee & Burnside Bourbon.

Boasting 17% butterfat (bring it!), and on the conservative side of sweet, the flavors really shine through.

Shown here is Almond Brittle with Salted Ganache. Yeah, I know, try to resist.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Pricing: $65+ You purchase a gift pack of 5. With ice and overnight shipping the cost adds up, but hey, it’s an amazing treat or gift!

Gift Cards: Yes in $10 increments

Locations: Portland, Los Angeles

Take me there! Save 10% on your first order.